Keep Your Property Safe

Install a surveillance system in El Paso, TX

EP Tech can provide multiple services for all of your security needs. We design, install, and service access control systems for organizations, large and small. We are partnered with the top manufacturers in the industry such as Avigilon, Axis, Hanwha, Panasonic and Isonas to give our customers the best solutions for the physical security of their sites.

Access control is an effective way to secure your facility with flexibility not provided by traditional locks. We useelectric or magnetic locks in combination with badge readers and/or keypads, allowing you to selectively give employees, and guests access to areas or rooms and deny access to other areas or rooms.

CCTV cameras and DVR/NVRs can provide a safer place to work, along with deterring crime and reducing theft. The integration of video surveillance systems with access control systems can allow you to fully secure your facility. EP Tech can integrate your access control system with your camera system, and give you the ability to capture videos of anyone accessing or trying to access your facilities.