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Our partnership with Clint Independent School District and FrontRow challenged us to think outside the box and set even higher standards for ourselves as a company. For all your fully Integrated and Customized Classroom Technology network solution needs call EP Tech!

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Lü Interactive Playground

EP Techworks is a certified partner for the Lü Interactive Playground. This state-of-the-art audio-visual platform transforms any space into an active and immersive educational environment where kids are engaged physically, intellectually, and socially-emotionally. Lü systems include a projector, a movement detection camera, and a light and sound module to create magical immersive spaces where kids learn better through physical activity. Lü applications cover all subject matters from mathematics to STEAM, physical education, languages, geography, and more. The technology also includes tools and utilities such as timers, digital scoreboards, and team creators to benefit the entire school.